Ojima Farm

Strawberry farm name Ojima Farm
Address 240, Abeshina, Moka-shi, Tochigi
Phone number 0285-74-2055
Fax number 0285-81-5789
Homepage address http://www.rubyonthefield.com
E-mail rubyonthefield@gmail.com
Cultivated varieties Tochiotome, Tochihime
Open periods January 2 - Early May
Regular closed day
Services other than strawberry picking
Credit cards Not available
Parking Normal vehicles: 15

We cultivate strawberries, committing to good soil and a good environment for strawberries.

Fully enjoy Tochiotome and Tochihime.
Reservations (Individuals) Required Reservations (Groups) Required
Wheelchairs available No Reservations for wheelchair users