JA Hagano Strawberry Farm in Igashira Park

Strawberry farm name JA Hagano Strawberry Farm in Igashira Park
Address 3006, Kamiodawa, Moka-shi, Tochigi
Phone number 0285-81-1141
Fax number 0285-84-1143
Homepage address http://www.ja-hagano.or.jp
Cultivated varieties Tochiotome
Open periods January 2 - Mid - May
Regular closed day None
Wi-Fi Not available
Services other than strawberry picking
Credit cards Not accepted
Parking Normal vehicles: 50Large buses: 10

No time limits! All-you-can-eat! You can enjoy strawberry picking as your time allows.

We have hothouses with both soil cultivation and elevated cultivation, so everyone from children to adults can enjoy strawberry picking. Please visit us by all means.
Reservations (Individuals) Not required Reservations (Groups) Required (Only if 15 customers or more)
Wheelchairs available Yes Reservations for wheelchair users Not required